ExerForge is merging into TigerNode

Over the last year, we've enjoyed serving you all and providing high quality and reliable services. However, we (the founders) have been juggling a lot of other responsibilities unrelated to ExerForge and haven't been able to dedicate as much time and resources to ExerForge as is necessary for it to succeed. That being said, unfortunately we have made the decision to temporarily shut down ExerForge.

If you are a current client: Do not worry! We will be migrating you to TigerNode, which is a hosting company owned by one of the ExerForge founders (Dylan). TigerNode has been providing high quality, secure, and reliable hosting for over 2 years now (nearing 3 years). Dylan has also been in the hosting industry for over 6 years. Both have built up very strong reputations for providing excellent services. Your server IPs and ports will not change. We will be notifying you via email before the migration starts so you can plan for the short downtime. Of course, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact support (TigerNode support is preferred for fastest response).

Do we plan on bringing ExerForge back? Yes. We have been working on some cool things for ExerForge and we're disappointed we won't be releasing them for quite some time now. However, we do want to re-launch ExerForge once we've got more time, resources, and have completed a few of the cool projects we have in the works for ExerForge.

Once again, thank you all very much for your continued support over the past year and a half ExerForge has been alive. We're so incredibly happy to have delivered the level of service we have, and we hope to be back again sometime in the near future!

Best regards,

Dylan Hansch and Lev Azarkhin (founders)